Active Ingredients 

For over 60 years Aquatrols has been home to the most reliable products in water management. Now we are expanding our offering to include more solutions that turf managers can trust with the addition of our new active ingredient line.

A dry flowable mixture of two systemic insecticides for use on golf courses and sod farms and in the production and maintenance of horticultural crops on farms or in the landscape.

  • Broad spectrum insect control
  • Contains two systemic active ingredients
  • Controls mole crickets, Annual Bluegrass Weevil, cutworms, sod webworms, armyworms, fire ants, and more
  • Unique low odor formulation and packaging
  • Superior control of Annual Bluegrass Weevil (larvae & adults)
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Achieve broad-spectrum weed control. Medusa is a convenient and versatile pre-mix formulation with 3 active ingredients.

  • Convenient and versatile pre-mix formulation with 3 active ingredients
  • Selective control of over 185 perennial and annual broadleaf weeds with excellent postemergence control of some annual grassy weeds
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Waxy leaf surfaces can cause spray droplets to bead up, resulting in coverage gaps that can reduces the efficacy of foliar sprayed materials. CapSil® allows foliar directed sprays to spread evenly over the entire leaf surface, giving you full coverage with every application.

  • Uniform spreading and coverage of all foliar applied products
  • Reduced instances of wilt and disease
  • Safe to use – no concerns of leaf burn
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Dovetail is a dual action fungicide designed to provide users with broad spectrum control of many prominent turfgrass diseases. Dovetail is labeled for use on all turf species and is a great tool in any rotational fungicide program.

  • Labeled for all turf species
  • Dual modes of action
  • Broad spectrum disease control
  • Locally systemic
  • Excellent resistance management tool
  • Long lasting – up to 21 days
  • Beneficial in tank mixes
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PoaConstrictor® is labeled for both pre-emergent and postemergent control of many annual grasses and broadleaves on ornamental turf such as golf courses, sod farms, parks, cemeteries and residential or commercial lawns.

  • Broad-spectrum control
  • Higher AI concentration, lower use rates
  • Unique water-based formulation
  • Pre-emergent and post-emergent application
  • Multi-season use: fall (germination) and spring (growth) periods
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For more information about CapSil, Dovetail and PoaConstrictorincluding pricing and availability, contact Aquatrols or your local distributor today!