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Aquatrols is The World Leader in Soil Surfactants and Wetting Agents

Aquatrols introduced the world’s first soil surfactant in 1954. In the six decades since then, we have expanded our line of wetting agents and continued to dedicate ourselves to changing the way the world grows. Browse our core markets below to see how we can best help you!
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Produce high quality turf at reduced rates of water use with Aquatrols turf management products.

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Aquatrols Fertilizer Coating Technology

Fertilizer Coating Technology

Take your ordinary fertilizer performance to the next level with Aquatrols Fertilizer Coating Technology.

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Aquatrols agricultural products improve crop yield, helping growers produce more crop per drop.

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Seed Enhancement

Aquatrols seed enhancement is a break-through technology that improves seedling emergence and establishment.

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Improve irrigation efficiency and reduce fertilizer waste with Aquatrols greenhouse and nursery products.

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Blow awesome snow! Produce optimal skiing conditions and save money with Aquatrols snowmaking products.

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Soilless Media

Aquatrols media surfactants ensure that soilless mixes wet and re-wet consistently out of the bag.

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Product Labels and Safety Data Sheets

Product Labels and Safety Data information for all Aquatrols products.

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