Download Approach to redeem points on purchases made through July 2019

Starting June 2019, Aquatrols Approach members can redeem Approach Points earned from authorized Aquatrols Distributors purchases made before July 31st . Approach Points are accrued during the commitment period and can be redeemed for various items during the redemption period.

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Approach is available in the Apple and Google app stores as well as online. Click on the icons to download or log into Approach.

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Rewards with Approach

Approach Points are earned on qualifying purchases made during the established program dates (see Authorized Aquatrols distributors for more information). These points can be redeemed for gift cards, account credits or can be donated to the FairWays Foundation during the June 2019 redemption period. Approach Points can also be banked for future use.

How to use Approach

Watch the quick video for an overview of how to use Approach and refer to the FAQ documents for more information.

Help with Approach

For additional help contact Aquatrols directly at 1-856-537-6003.

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*Order confirmation of product commitment must be completed during “Double Rewards” (10/01/18- 02/28/19) to be reflective of points shown.
**Payout rates for Approach points vary depending on chosen form of redemption – Value shown is reflective of distributor account credit option.