A Tradition of Innovation

Aquatrols is the world leader in the development of cutting-edge soil surfactants and other specialty technologies that maximize the use of water and inputs in the agricultural, professional turfgrass, and horticultural markets.

With the introduction of the world’s first commercially available soil wetting agent in 1954, we created an entirely new product category to address the world’s water problem. In the 60 years following, we have continued to lead, developing innovative technologies to address inefficiencies in the growing environment and maximize grower inputs..

We combine state of the art research and development techniques, a technically knowledgeable sales force, and a long history of industry expertise to serve the needs of our customers.

Our Core Values


Aquatrols is committed to discovering and developing innovative solutions for growers around the world. Our deep commitment to science and the research and development process results in cutting edge technologies that continually set the bar for an entire industry.


Aquatrols understands the challenges facing our world and we believe our products can play a role in overcoming them. For more than 60 years, we have helped growers improve irrigation efficiency and crop productivity. A commitment to constant improvement is the driving force behind everything we do.


Aquatrols strives to inspire those who work with us and for us. We pride ourselves on a company culture that fosters creativity and rewards hard work. Our genuine concern and commitment to our customers has earned us one of the most respected reputations in the industry.

Our Core Markets


From sports fields and golf courses to highly managed landscapes, our products allow turfgrass professionals worldwide to conserve water and energy while producing high quality turfgrass. Our products ensure consistency in a variety of conditions and serve as a strong basis for sustainable turf management practices. 


Our unique water management chemistries allow agricultural producers to maximize irrigation efficiency and improve the efficacy of soil-applied chemicals. The result is improved crop productivity using less water and energy, effectively producing “more crop per drop.”


Soilless media producers and growers in the greenhouse and nursery industries rely on our unique products to create more desirable growing conditions. Aquatrols media surfactants and specialty products help growers improve plant quality, lower costs, and conserve resources from production to point of sale.

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