Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If I decide to order Aquatrols products after November 30, can I sign up on the Approach App and get points? While you can sign up and use Approach for other features, 2019 EOP enrollment commitments cannot be made after November 30, 2018.


  2. After the June redemption period begins, if I select a gift card, when can I expect to receive it? Please allow 6-8 weeks post selection for processing. In order to receive gift card(s), you must have committed on the Approach app to the distributor you purchased from prior to December 2018.


  3. What are my payment terms? Payment terms are determined by the distributor.


  4. What is the FairWays Foundation? The FairWays Foundation funds local and global projects that have a positive impact on the environment through community outreach and education or habitat improvements.


  5. What is the FairWays Educational Summit? The FairWays Educational Summit will be a fun and educational meeting in a great location with world renown experts covering green industry environmental issues. The inaugural summit will take place in 2020.


  6. Can I buy product from more than one approved Aquatrols distributor and receive Approach Points from both? Yes. Approach Points come from Aquatrols and are equal no matter who you buy from.


  7. What if I don’t have a smart phone with app capabilities? You can register online at www.aquatrols.com/approach. If you need any assistance, contact Aquatrols directly at 1-800-257-7797 or Approach@aquatrols.com.


  8. How will I receive my gift card? Gift cards will be mailed to the golf course address registered with the Approach account.


  9. What if I buy a different quantity of products than I commit to during my initial enrollment on the Approach App? No problem! Final point payouts are calculated electronically based on your purchases, not your commitment so long as you meet your 15 gallons/bags minimum purchase required.


  10. What is an Approach Point worth? The payout rate for Aquatrols Approach Points varies depending on what they are redeemed for.

    100 Approach Points = $1.20 for FairWays Foundation donations & expenses incurred while attending the FairWays Educational Summit
    100 Approach Points = $1.00 for A.M. Leonard gift cards & distributor account credit
    100 Approach Points = $0.90 for Cabela’s/Bass Pro Shops gift cards


  11. Do Approach Points expire? No, points do not expire as long as the Approach account is active.