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Only Aquatrols Nutrition offers the entire Redox Bio-Nutrients product line and all new solutions formulated with UniGrow proprietary technology. Browse the solutions below and click on the brands for more information. 

All-New Nutritionals powered by UniGrow

Aquatrols® UniGrow™ is a proprietary formulation component that improves the distribution and uniformity of applications. UniGrow formulations are specifically chosen for each product based on their compatibility and effectiveness.

Phosphite fertilizer formulated to increase tolerance of biotic and abiotic stressors by promoting plant defense mechanisms such as systemic acquired resistance.
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A fast-acting nitrogen and soluble carbon solution that can help increase micronutrient uptake and nitrogen efficiency, leading to enhanced plant performance.
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Abiotic Stress Defense

Abiotic stress reduces turf performance. Biotic stress is always preceded by abiotic stress factors.

Soil Health

A healthy soil supports optimum soil biology and plant growth. Imbalances in soil chemistry, soil biology, or plant physiology lead to reduced soil health.

Root Development

Phosphorus, calcium, and soluble carbon require specific chemical reactions to maintain plant availability. Increased availability and solubility of these nutrients leads to improved quantity and quality of roots.

Quality & Performance

Optimal turf quality and performance is essential for visual appeal and overall playing conditions.

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