Ensure uniform spreading and coverage of foliar products

Waxy leaf surfaces can cause spray droplets to bead up, resulting in coverage gaps that can reduces the efficacy of foliar sprayed materials. CapSil® allows foliar directed sprays to spread evenly over the entire leaf surface, giving you full coverage with every application. CapSil ensures that you get the results you expect from foliar nutrients and pesticides without the added labor and expense of repeat treatments.

CapSil is a 100% active blend of organo-silicone and non-ionic surfactants that enables solutions to spread over the entire leaf surface evenly.

Benefits of CapSil include:

  • Uniform spreading and coverage of all foliar applied products

  • Reduced instances of wilt and disease

  • Safe to use – no concerns of leaf burn

OMRI’s independent review certifies our compliance with national organic standards for production and processing. This gives our customers the peace of mind that CapSil is approved to use in their organic operations.

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Making the Most of Foliar Directed Sprays

Get cuttings off to a great start

CapSil’s unmatched ability to reduce surface tension makes it an indispensable part of your misting program. CapSil allows water to spread fully over leaf surfaces for rapid absorption and increased turgidity. Studies show that cuttings callous more quickly and root sooner when treated with CapSil.

CapSil vs. the Leading Competitor and Water
Zn increase per leaf graph. CapSil improves Uptake of Micronutrients

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