Griffin® UniTech® is a premier PGR (plant growth regulator) that is an important part of turf managers’ programs on both cool and warm season grasses throughout the U.S. Griffin UniTech has two main functions. It slows the overall top growth of turfgrass plants, thus reducing the amount mowing needed by up to 50%. It also significantly suppresses the growth and competitive advantage of Poa annua, allowing the more desirable grasses to thrive on the playing surface. Aquatrols’ proprietary UniTech formulation provides optimum application uniformity throughout the soil profile.

  • Slowed vertical growth and reduced mowing

  • Improved and extended fertilizer performance

  • Increased greening and turf density

  • Reduced potential for scalping of all turfgrass areas

  • Better ball playability on hybrid bermudagrass due to increased turf density and tighter-knit turf areas

  • Suppression of Poa annua by reducing its growth and competitive ability

Turf Application Rates

Apply treatment solution uniformly to turf. DO NOT use on residential turf. To promote uniform distribution, tank mix with Aquatrols soil surfactants. Apply 0.25 inch of water within 24 hours after application to remove product from foliage and into soil.

Thoroughly clean spray equipment before using this product. Apply with standard pressurized spray application equipment with by-pass or mechanical agitation using strainer screens of 50 (or coarser) mesh. Shake the container well before adding to the spray mix. Product should be added during filling of applicator tank. When tank is allowed to stand, vigorous agitation should be used to ensure material suspension before application. When the last of the contents of a container is used, thoroughly rinse the container according to the directions in the Storage and Disposal section, and pour the rinsate into spray tank.

Apply Griffin Unitech to turf in sufficient amount of water (minimum 1 gallon treatment solution per 1000 ft2 = 43.5 gal/A) to ensure uniform coverage. For best results, use 2 – 3 gallons of water per 1000 ft2. A spray pattern indicator or other marking device is advised to avoid skipping and/or overlapping. Overlap may cause suppressed growth beyond desired levels.

Active ingredient: Paclobutrazol
Formulation: 2SC
Package size: 4 x 1 gallon jug
EPA Registration Number: 94396-30

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