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Grow Profits Using AquaGro L with PsiMatric Technology

Keeping plants healthy in the retail environment can be extremely difficult. One of the greatest challenges in the retail space is the lack of timely and effective watering. Over-watering and under-watering are common, resulting in stressed plants that are less attractive to buyers. The end result is that too many plants never make it to the cash register. AquaGro® L with PsiMatric Technology helps to overcome the inefficiencies in the retail environment, resulting in more plants scanned for more profits.

  • Reduce watering and labor needs
  • Improve wettability
  • Extend the time to wilt
  • Help stressed plants recover more quickly 
  • Improve visual quality and plant survival 

Inputs that stay put

For just fractions of a penny per pot, AquaGro L  helps you keep production costs in check by making your water more efficient.  When used throughout the production cycle, it promotes the uniform distribution of water, as well as fertilizers, insecticides and fungicides in the rootzone. You’ll get better overall performance from these applications, and reduce the loss of costly inputs caused by run-off and leaching. 

AquaGro L can save you more than just the cost of wasted product.  With less need for handwatering and fewer “trouble spots” to manage, you’ll be able to reduce labor costs associated with hand watering and re-application. AquaGro L makes it easier and more efficient to produce a uniform, quality crop.

During Production:

  • Inject 10 ppm (1/8 ounce per 100 gallons of water) in every irrigation, or;
  • Inject 100 ppm (1 ¼ ounces per 100 gallons of water) weekly, or;
  • Inject 600 ppm (7 2/3 ounces per 100 gallons of water) every 4 weeks.

Prior to Shipping
Inject or drench with 600 ppm (7 ½ ounces per 100 gallons of water) within one week of shipping.

Average Days between irrigation chart

Keep your sales from wilting.

Even the best quality plants can suffer in the retail environment, but AquaGro L can make sure that your sales don’t. AquaGro L keeps media moist longer to prevent wilting, and helps even the driest media re-wet easily for quick recovery from under-watering. A simple drench before shipping is all you need to protect your investment and keep plants looking their best.

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