Aquatrols Advantage Plus Soil Surfactant Pellets family of products with an Advantage Plus Applicator

The next generation of Soil Surfactant Pellets

Aquatrols is pleased to introduce the next generation of soil surfactant pellets: the Advantage Plus pellet line. Featuring a superior formulation, the Advantage Plus line is a complete and balanced system for delivering improved performance during syringing and hand watering.

Along with the standard Advantage Plus pellet, two new formulations are available for turf managers seeking additional benefits during hand watering: Advantage Plus HF and Advantage Plus Seaweed.

Advantage Plus Advantage Plus HF  Advantage Plus SeaWeed

Aquatrols Advantage Plus container

Superior Formulation for the Product You Love

Advantage Plus Pellets logo by Aquatrols
  • Superior Advantage Plus formulation to improve hand watering

  • Distributes applied water more uniformly into the soil profile

  • Pellet stays intact and dissolves evenly during application

Superior formulation combined with a unique acid package to:

  • Aid in hydration

  • Improve plant vigor

  • Increase stress tolerance

  • Promote more complete root development

Aquatrols Advantage Plus HF logo
Aquatrols Advantage Plus Seaweed logo

Combined with high quality seaweed extract which:

  • Promotes fast recovery of stressed turf

  • Stimulates root growth

  • Promotes the growth of healthy, vigorous turfgrass

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