Next Generation

Next generation multi-site contact active ingredient

Excellent Control

Target dollar spot and 10 additional turf diseases

Proprietary UniTech Formulation

Improve distribution and uniformity of applications

Fluazinam efficacy with UniTech application uniformity

Wingspan™ UniTech® is a new multi-site contact fungicide that contains the active ingredient, fluazinam, which is the only registered fungicide for turf in the pyridinamine chemical class FRAC group 29. There is no known resistance with this multi-site contact fungicide, which signals a very low risk of developing resistance.

Wingspan UniTech combines the efficacy of fluazinam with Aquatrols’ proprietary UniTech formulation to provide optimized application uniformity. It provides superior protection against dollar spot, along with the control of 10 additional turf diseases.

Current State Registrations:

Full List Available Soon

Directions for Use

Where to Use:

For use on turfgrass on golf courses only. Wingspan UniTech can be utilized on cool-season and warm-season turfgrass varieties. See label booklet for more detailed information.

When To Use:

Wingspan UniTech may be utilized at any point throughout the growing season but is most effective as a preventative application when conditions become favorable for turfgrass diseases.

Aquatrols® UniTechTM is a proprietary formulation component that improves the distribution and uniformity of applications.

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