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From golf courses to grasslands, Aquatrols Seed Enhancement Technology offers a host of exciting new opportunities to enhance germination and produce better stand establishment under a variety of conditions.

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Aquatrols Seed Enhancement Technology improves seedling emergence and plant survival counts, especially under adverse conditions.  It can help superintendents  continue to produce high quality playing surfaces, even as water restrictions, the use of reclaimed water, and salt-affected soils become growing issues.

Aquatrols Seed Enhancement Technology has been proven to significantly improve establishment of turfgrass under deficit irrigation, as well as improve germination rates of certain “hard-to-establish” species such as seashore paspalum.

Plant cover was  dramatically improved in this study through the use of Aquatrols Seed Enhancement Technology.

Thirteen days after planting significant differences were detected in turfgrass cover between the seeds treated with Aquatrols Seed Enhancement Technology and uncoated seed.

By the conclusion of the study, turfgrass cover in the water repellent soil was 7.5-fold greater in the Aquatrols Seed Enhancement Technology treatments in comparison to uncoated seed.

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Untreated turf seeds sprouting vs turf seeds treated with Aquatrols Seeds Enhancement Technology

Coating warm-season turfgrass seed to improve establishment

Saline irrigation of turfgrass has been proposed as a water-conservation strategy, but salinity can hinder the germination process and

be detrimental to turfgrass seedling establishment. A study was conducted in summer 2014 at the University of California-Riverside’s turfgrass research facility to determine: (1) the effects of five experimental seed coatings and Zeba coating on the establishment

of Princess-77 bermudagrass and Sea Spray seashore paspalum irrigated with five levels of saline water; and (2) how irrigation salinity affects seedling establishment of NuMex Sahara bermudagrass, Whittet kikuyugrass and Sundancer buffalograss.   >>> READ FULL ARTICLE

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We believe that Aquatrols Seed Enhancement Technology holds great promise for agriculture and the future of farming, but we’re not there yet.

All Aquatrols products are put through rigorous testing to ensure safety, efficacy and reliability, and our Seed Enhancement Technology is no different. Evaluations of Aquatrols Seed Enhancement Technology in commercial agriculture applications are currently underway.

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Aquatrols Seed Enhancement Technology improves both seedling emergence and survival of native species.  This is particularly important in post-fire scenarios where re-establishment of native plant life is more difficult.

Forest devastated from wild fires
Untreated seeds vs. Aquatrols Seed Enhancement Technology
In a trial conducted in post-fire repellent soil,  Aquatrols Seed Enhancement technology positively impacted the establishment of new plant life.
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Emergence rates were similar between treatments for crested wheatgrass, however, as we transitioned from a high to a low moisture regime all of the non-coated seedlings quickly desiccated, while over half of the seedlings in the seed coating treatment were able to survive.

Aquatrols Seed Enhancement Technology improved both seedling emergence and plant survival for bluebunch wheatgrass.

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