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Shanghai Aquatrols Asia is committed to solving the problems of rational use of water and fertilizers in Chinese agricultural production, soil improvement (hardening and salinization), and transformation of the agricultural products industry. Introduce new technological products for green planting in China, return green to agriculture, and let green guide life.


For over 60 years, Aquatrols has built a global reputation for innovation, reliability, and value by delivering the results you need to achieve success. Now, more than ever, making the best use of water and other resources is essential – and Aquatrols is leading the way.

A unique soil surfactant blend that increases the infiltration and distribution of water.

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A patented water-saving soil surfactant technology from Aquatrols.

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Formulation of polymaleic acid combined with a soil surfactant that removes sodium from the rootzone.

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David Lin ( 林元成) General Manager
Shanghai Aquatrols Asia Technology Company LTD.
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