For Proven Control of Poa annua (Annual Bluegrass) on Fine Turf or Lawns*

PoaConstrictor® is labeled for both pre-emergent and post-emergent control of many annual grasses and broadleaves on ornamental turf such as golf courses, sod farms, parks, cemeteries and residential or commercial lawns. PoaConstrictor can be used in cool season grasses and overseeded Bermudagrass.**

See label for a complete list of uses and applications.

Do not use PoaConstrictor on greens.

  • Broad-spectrum control

  • Higher AI concentration, lower use rates

  • Unique water-based formulation

  • Pre-emergent and post-emergent application

  • Multi-season use: fall (germination) and spring (growth) periods



Annual Grasses

Annual Bluegrass



Green Foxtail

Large Crabgrass

Smooth Crabgrass

Yellow Foxtail

Annual Broadleaves

Bur Clover

Common Chickweed

Common Purslane

Redroot Pigweed

Reduce Competition

Yellow Nutsedge

Purple Nutsedge


Smooth Crabgrass

Large Crabgrass


Annual Grasses

Bluegrass, annual (Poa annua)

Annual Broadleaves

Chickweed, common (Stellaria media)

Clover, white (Trifolium repens)

Benefits of using PoaConstrictor® for Pre-emergent and Post-emergent Poa annua Control

  • PoaConstrictor can be used in cool season grasses and overseeded Bermudagrass

  • Controls Poa annua during both cool season germination and warmer growth periods

  •  Broad spectrum control of annual grasses and broadleaf weeds

  • Low odor

  • Safe for use on overseeded turf

Use Rates and Timing

See label for complete directions for use.

HRAC Class: Group 16 – herbicide
Active ingredient: Ethofumesate
Formulation: 4 lb SC
Package size: 4 x 3/4 gallon jug
EPA Registration Number: 94396-1

* PoaConstrictor Herbicide is not intended for use by homeowners and may only be applied to residential lawns by professional applicators.
** Refer to label for varietal tolerance and use restrictions.

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