Dial up the playability and improve turf health with Zipline® powered by AquaVita™ Technology – Our dual-action soil surfactant blend containing a unique mineral solution bio-extract that is specifically formulated for turf care professionals.

What Zipline Does:

  • Balances Hydration

  • Improves Water Infiltration

  • Enhances Mineralization

  • Delivers Plant Health Benefits

Trial Applications

During peak adverse conditions, Zipline was shown to dramatically improve turfgrass quality, stress tolerance, and provide increased protection against localized dry spot.

Balanced Hydration and Soil Resource Enhancement for Fast, Firm, Fine Turf

Zipline contains a proprietary technology that unlocks existing bound nutritional elements in the soil, making them more available to the plant. A Zipline program promotes consistent playing surfaces through balanced hydration and soil resource enhancement.

In regular conditions, existing bound nutritional elements in the soil cannot be accessed by plant roots.

The introduction of  Zipline powered by AquaVita Technology unlocks bound nutritional elements in the soil profile.

Nutritional elements become more plant available, laying the foundation for consistent playing surfaces.

Zipline powered by AquaVita aids soil enhancement by unlocking existing bound nutritional elements. 

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