Nutitrionals Blended with Aquatrols Technology

Aquatrols® is excited to introduce Brawler™ & CarbN™ – two all-new solutions within our growing nutritional line. Blended with proprietary UniGrow™ technology to promote the uniform distribution of every application, Brawler and CarbN are perfect additions from the brand you trust.

Brawler with UniGrow is a unique formulation of potassium phosphite enhanced with 2.55% humic acids, and 2% surfactant. Potassium phosphite boosts plant vigor and improves metabolism. Humic acid may increase micronutrient uptake. The surfactant promotes the uniform distribution of every application.
CarbN with UniGrow is a fast-acting and long-lasting form of nitrogen with soluble carbon delivered uniformly by Aquatrols’ proprietary surfactants. CarbN with UniGrow may increase micronutrient uptake and nitrogen efficiency leading to enhanced plant performance.

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