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Improve Water Infiltration and Distribution in Soils

What is InSurge?

InSurge is a unique soil surfactant blend that increases the infiltration and distribution of water. InSurge can be used for early growing season soil applications to promote uniform crop emergence and stand establishment and throughout the growing season to improve the uniformity of soil-applied applications, such as fertilizers.

Aquatrols Insurge 10 liter container


An increased spray pattern

InSurge increases the spread, infiltration, and distribution of water into and throughout the soil profile. The increase in moisture and nutrient delivery helps to create a better growing environment, especially in poor quality soils and harsh growing conditions.

The impact of InSurge can be seen in the photos below. The spray pattern on the right shows a nearly 20% increase in coverage area for water treated with InSurge compared to the untreated control on the left.

Untreated soil wetness
Soil treated with InSurge sees 20% increase in wetability

Aid in stand establishment

During early season applications, InSurge aids in seedling emergence and stand establishment, especially in poor quality soils where “crusting” may occur at the surface.

By improving the delivery of moisture and nutrients to the seedling, InSurge promotes more optimal conditions for emergence. It also aids in the growth of a stronger stand that is better able to break through a crusted surface and establish successfully.

The impact of InSurge on emergence can be seen in the photograph to the right, where a corn stand was able to break through a heavily crusted soil after being treated with InSurge at the label rate.

Corn begining to break through the soil

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