Dispatch Does More Than Just Move Water

In a field trial established on a golf course in Arizona, the effect on fertilizer distribution and uptake was studied. UAN-32 was applied to fairway turf with and without Dispatch. Subsequently, nitrogen levels in the soil and the leaf were evaluated.

Dispatch improved the retention and availability of nitrogen. By increasing penetration, Dispatch was able to ensure more nitrogen made it into the root zone. Also, Dispatch’s patented formula helps to retain fertilizer in the root zone so more is available to the turf. This is apparent in the increase in leaf nitrogen. The end result is more fertilizer is utilized giving your turf a greener and more uniform appearance.

How It Works

As Dispatch-treated water penetrates evenly into the soil, fertilizers and other turf management materials are distributed more uniformly throughout the root zone. Once in the rootzone, Dispatch increases fertilizer retention and reduces nutrient leaching, so that more applied fertilizer remains active and available.

Dispatch helps water penetrate into the soil more effectively and more uniformly. By getting water to penetrate immediately into the soil, Dispatch helps place these substances into the root zone more immediately as well, lessening the opportunity for run-off to non-target areas.

When inputs are more efficiently distributed in the root zone, they can be used by the plant more effectively for consistent turf response across the entire turf area. And because Dispatch helps you use less water, there is less chance of excess water flushing these products out of the root zone before they can do their job.

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Rate & Frequency Options

Dispatch Injectable: Inject 12-24 ounces per acre on a weekly basis. For problem soils or during extreme drought conditions, Dispatch Injectable may be injected up to 48 ounces per acre per week.

Dispatch Sprayable:

  • Spray 8 ounces per acre once a week.

  • Spray 16 ounces per acre every 2 weeks

  • Spray 24 ounces per acre every 3 weeks

Tank mixing Rate: For one time application with soil-directed turf chemicals, apply at 16 ounces per acre.