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DeSaltus is a polymaleic acid formulation that removes sodium from the rootzone, minimizes soil compaction, and allows for greater root development. DeSaltus promotes increased water movement into and throughout the soil profile and promotes good soil aggregation, correcting the negative impact of mineral salts that may interfere with seed germination and root growth.


How Does DeSaltus Work?

Calcium is a basic building block of soil structure. If your soils lack the proper amount of calcium or if excess levels of sodium exist in your soil, soil aggregation can weaken. This is depicted in the illustration below. Soil particles in high-sodium soils become dispersed and soil porosity is reduced (left).

DeSaltus increases the solubility of applied and naturally-occurring calcium, so that it becomes incorporated into the soil more completely. This increases aggregate size, creates pore space, and improves the overall soil structure (right).

How Does DeSaltus Work?

A DeSaltus program used in conjunction with regular calcium applications will help to improve soil aggregation, increasing soil porosity for enhanced water infiltration and gas exchange.

By improving salt and nutrient movement through the soil with DeSaltus, growers can improve nutrient efficiency and overall plant productivity.

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