We Joined Together To Deliver the full Fall Approach

Only Aquatrols has the Full Fall Approach powered by Redox TurfRx and Industry Leading Surfactants. See the difference in overall turf quality when you implement our products on your greens or fairways this season.

  • Improves nitrogen metabolism
  • Contains soluble carbon compounds derived from a proprietary fermentation process
  • Improves overall turf quality and performance
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  • Chelation and Complexing technology increases micronutrient availability
  • Improved longevity of turf color due to robust carbon content
  • Enhanced presentation value without increasing Nitrogen levels
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  • Contains soluble carbon derived from a proprietary fermentation process
  • Facilitates nitrogen metabolism
  • Improves greens nutrition and
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  • Optimizes root quality and quantity for essential water and nutrient uptake
  • Stimulates root development under conditions of high metabolic stress
  • Increases antioxidant production
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  • Improves phosphorus efficiency
  • Contains six specific L-amino acids to improve root branching and development
  • Reduces soil phosphorus tie-up
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  • Short, medium and long-chain carbon compounds improve microbial diversity
  • Reduces environmental oxidative stress
  • Complexed & chelated material
  • Improves root development
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Ready for the Full Fall Approach?

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