Dovetail is a dual action fungicide designed to provide users with broad spectrum control of many prominent turfgrass diseases. Dovetail is labeled for use on all turf species and is a great tool in any rotational fungicide program.

See label for a complete list of uses and applications.

  • Labeled for all turf species

  • Dual modes of action

  • Broad spectrum disease control

  • Locally systemic

  • Excellent resistance management tool

  • Long lasting – up to 21 days

  • Beneficial in tank mixes

Turf Diseases Controlled & Recommended Rates

Turf Disease Controlled

Anthracnose (on Poa annua)

Brown Patch

Dollar Spot

Leaf Spot (Drechslera spp.)

Pink Snow Mold (WA, OR, CA)

Recommended Rates

Turf (non-residential)                   1 – 4 fl oz/1000 ft

Active ingredient: Thiophanate-methyl + Iprodione
FRAC Class: Groups 1 and 2
Formulation: Liquid (Emulsifiable concentrate)
Package size: 2 x 2.5 gallon case
EPA Registration Number: 94396-12

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