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Control Your Water, Control Your Results

Dispatch® is a patented water saving soil surfactant technology from Aquatrols. By improving the penetration and infiltration of water into soil, Dispatch maximizes irrigation efficiency and reduces the amount of water lost to runoff or evaporation. It overcomes the natural forces of soil water repellency, allowing turf managers to grow healthy turf at reduced irrigation levels. When used over the course of a season, Dispatch has proven to reduce water usage by up to 25% on cool season grasses and up to 50% and warm season grasses.

Why Two Formulations?

Dispatch is available in two convenient formulations: Dispatch Sprayable and Dispatch Injectable. For turf managers with the ability to inject Dispatch through irrigation lines, Dispatch Injectable is an ideal option for treating large turf areas like fairways. Its lower active ingredient (AI) allows turf managers to pump Dispatch seamlessly through irrigation lines during scheduled irrigation events.

Dispatch Sprayable is specially formulated with a higher AI for turf managers without the ability to inject. It is tank mix compatible with most fertilizers and other inputs for maximum convenience. The higher AI also means less volume and fewer containers to worry about.

Rate & Frequency Options

Dispatch Injectable: Inject 12-24 ounces per acre on a weekly basis. For problem soils or during extreme drought conditions, Dispatch Injectable may be injected up to 48 ounces per acre per week.

Dispatch Sprayable:

  • Spray 8 ounces per acre once a week.

  • Spray 16 ounces per acre every 2 weeks

  • Spray 24 ounces per acre every 3 weeks

Tank mixing Rate: For one time application with soil-directed turf chemicals, apply at 16 ounces per acre.

Results You Can Expect to See

  • Reduce runoff on sloped turf areas  by 20% or more

  • Reduce water use on cool-season grass by up to 25%

  • Reduce water use on warm-season grass by up to 50%

  • Improve nitrogen efficiency

  • Enhance penetration and distribution of water, nutrients & chemicals into the soil

  • Increase distribution uniformity of irrigation systems in treated areas

  • Maintain turf quality at reduced ET replacement rates

Turf treated with Dispatch, the Water Saving Soil Surfactant

Dispatch takes over where irrigation systems leave off.

Even the most highly efficient irrigation systems begin to lose efficiency the moment water leaves the sprinkler head. This is due to a number of naturally occurring issues, including soil water repellency, the effects of gravity, and the tendency of water to move through the path of least resistance.

Dispatch offers turf managers the comfort of true irrigation efficiency, taking over where their irrigation systems leave off. Dispatch is a patented synergy technology that is scientifically proven to enhance soil wetting, reduce leaching, and improve the performance of fertilizers.

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