See the Dispatch Sprayable Difference with your Pre-Emergent Applications

Dispatch Sprayable is a proven world-class soil surfactant and a trusted tank-mix partner.

Did you know Dispatch Sprayable® can help you get the most out of your pre-emergent herbicide applications? As a trusted tank-mix partner, Dispatch Sprayable promotes uniform distribution of soil applied inputs.

Benefits of Tank-Mixing Dispatch Sprayable with Pre-Emergent Herbicides:

  • Great Tank-Mix Partner to Position Inputs Required for Effective Turf Management

  • No Tank-Mix or Irrigation Restrictions

  • Increases Water Penetration & Reduces Runoff on Sloped Areas

Ready to See the Dispatch Sprayable Difference?

For more information about Dispatch Sprayableincluding pricing and availability, contact your local Aquatrols distributor today!