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Maximize Your Mix with a better, longer-lasting media surfactant

Why choose Conductor® instead of other media surfactants? It’s simple. Conductor® gives you better control of moisture for a longer period of time than any other product on the market.

When added to a growing mix, Conductor improves wettability characteristics, allowing the mix to wet and rewet more consistently even after many months in storage. Testing in a variety of growing mixes has shown that Conductor’s superior formulation improves wetting and re-wetting better than competing products even after 9 months in the bag!



Wetting Better, Working Longer

Conductor’s longevity contributes to better production scheduling, reducing complaints about “old, unwettable” mixes and providing a more consistent growing environment for high quality crop production.

Conductor’s Benefits Include:

  • Superior long-term performance
  • Improved wettability
  • More uniform water movement
  • Better water retention
  • Healthier plants, happier customers

Moisture Retained using AquaGro 2000 M and Conductor graph

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