Blast Away Problem Carbonate Deposits in Your Soil

Carbonate deposits can build up in soil as a result of poor irrigation water quality; causing sealing of soils and reducing the effectiveness of irrigation, fertilization, and chemical programs. Blast® is a unique acid formulation combined with Synergy Technology™.  It safely dissolves carbonate build-up in the soil, rapidly opens soil pores for better infiltration and percolation of water, and frees up calcium, magnesium and other bound nutrients.

Blast works quickly to eliminate these carbonate deposits, giving you a healthier growing environment and better turf.

Benefits of Blast:

  • Patented Synergy Technology ensures improved penetration, distribution and availability

  • Frees up calcium, magnesium, and other essential nutrients in the soil

  • Opens soil pores for better water movement

Blast family of products

Is Poor Quality Water Affecting Your Turf?

Blast Dissolves More Carbonate

Blast Sprayable/Injectable dissolves more carbonate than other “safe” acids when irrigating with both pure and 100 ppm bicarbonate water.

Blast Injectable vs Burst Turf on Pure Water and 100pp Biocarbonate Water
Blast Sprayable vs Eximo on Pure Water and 100pp Biocarbonate Water

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