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Aura Farm Fairway Plots

Our fairway plots at Aura Farm consist of four unique turf types and blends. We chose these various turf types and blends due to their level of disease resistance, ability to thrive in the local climate, recovery characteristics and more.
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Blue/Rye Blend

Blue/Rye Blend is a 50% Kentucky Bluegrass blend and 50% Perennial Ryegrass blend that thrives in full sun areas. Because of the rapid germination and establishment and affordability, Blue/Rye blends are a popular choice for fairways, roughs, and athletic fields. In spring and fall, Blue/Rye blends are extremely user-friendly; however, in the Mid-Atlantic climate it can be one of the more challenging stands to manage.


Zeon Zoysia (Zoysia japonica) is an adaptable grass that thrives in heat and humidity and has considerable cold tolerance for a warm-season grass. It boasts a higher disease and insect resistance than most other closely mown turfgrasses. With its tremendous density and lower input requirements, we believe this turfgrass, along with other warm-season turfgrasses, should be considered for closely mown turf ”through the green” in the Mid-Atlantic.


Riviera Bermudagrass is highly resistant to pests and pathogens, and exhibits excellent recovery characteristics. Due to Riviera Bermudagrass’ ability to thrive in the hot and stormy summers of the Mid-Atlantic with sufficient cold hardiness, we believe this turfgrass, along with other warm-season turfgrasses, should be considered for fairways (and even some athletic fields) in the region.


For a bentgrass, Crystal BlueLinks exhibits good recovery and overall disease resistance. However, in a fairway setting, its playability has few peers. This stand’s performance has been remarkable during the summers here at Aura Farm, but it definitely requires more attention than its warm-season counterparts.

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