Agriculture at Aura Farm

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Increase Crop Yields & Reduce Inputs

As more resources are consumed to feed an ever-growing population, Aquatrols looks for new methods that can increase yields with reduced resources and a gentler impact to the environment.

What’s Growing At Aura Farm?

A Wide Variety of Crops are Grown

The food that we grow here at Aura Farm is often shared with employees, visitors, and also with local food banks around the community.

Interested in Visting Aura Farm?

We are excited to share this unique extension of Aquatrols with you. Built on over 10 acres, Aura Farm includes research turf plots, specialized greens complex, agriculture plots, and more.

We are thrilled to begin accepting requests to tour Aura Farm! Please complete the form to schedule your tour and stay up to date on Aura Farm news.

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