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Maximize Your Mix

AquaGro 2000 M sets the industry standard as the most widely recognized media surfactant on the market. It has been extensively tested and proven effective on a wide range of growing media.

AquaGro 2000 M is used in soilless growing media to aid in the wetting of the substrate. It will save your customers time, money, and labor by providing:

  • Quick wetting out of the bag

  • Effective water absorption and distribution

  • Healthier plants

  • Shorter growing cycles

  • Less cost overall

Provide a rich growing environment and set growers up for success by adding AquaGro 2000 M to your mix.

A drum of AquaGro 2000 M

uniform water movement every time

Improve Wettability for a Better Bottom Line

An application of AquaGro 2000 M added to your mix can overcome its water repellent properties, saving your customers money on water, fertilizer, other soil amendments and labor.

Research shows that mixes treated with AquaGro 2000 M wets quickly and uniformly right out of the bag or bale. This means healthier, more robust plants for growers and more return customers for you.

Side by side comparison of soil pots using and not using AquaGro 2000 M

Add AquaGro 2000 to your mix for uniform water movement and mix that wets up evenly every time.

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