What is Approach?

Aquatrols Approach Early Order Program members can earn Approach Points for simply enrolling and purchasing of qualifying brands from authorized Aquatrols Distributors. Approach Points are accrued during the commitment period and can be redeemed for various items during the established redemption period. Approach Points can also be banked for future use.

Approach Membership:

  • Register online or download the Approach app
  • Earn points based on your purchases from authorized Aquatrols distributors
  • Earn 2,000 EOP Bonus when orders are invoiced and shipped by December 31, 2019
  • Earn DOUBLE REWARDS when orders are invoiced and shipped by March 31, 2020

Approach Support Documents

Approach EOP Flyer

Approach EOP Canadian Flyer

Approach EOP French Canadian Flyer

How to Use Approach Video

How to Register in Approach


If you need any assistance, contact  Aquatrols directly at 1-856-537-6003 or Approach@aquatrols.com.