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The simplest, most effective way to combat algae

Radiance prevents algae in ponds, lakes and fountains using a self-dispersing delivery system that stays suspended in the water column. Unlike traditional copper-based products, Radiance does not require agitation, special equipment or complicated techniques to apply. Radiance offers many benefits, including:

  • Disperses from a single application point

  • Keeps algae blooms from occurring

  • Safe for fish-bearing ponds

  • Less copper is released into the environment

Rid your ponds, lakes, and fountains of algae with Radiance today!

10 liter jug of Radiance

See Fish, Not Algae.

Beaker 1: Traditional copper products settle out over time. Beaker 2: Radiance remains suspended and uniformly dispersed.

Radiance is the only self-dispersing algaecide that prevents algae and protects against reinfestation for up to a full month. It requires no special equipment or application practices, making it easy to maintain clean water features all season long.

A pond before and after treatment of Radiance.

Radiance is the easiest, most effective way to knock out algae infestations before they start. It’s quick and easy to apply, saving both time and money on equipment and manpower.

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