Systemic Control

Systemic control of foliar, root, and soil diseases

Excellent Control

Control dollar spot and 12 additional turf diseases

Preventative Control

Preventative fairy ring control

Triadimefon control with UniTech application uniformity

Trigon UniTech® is a low rate DMI systemic fungicide with a proven disease control record. The active ingredient in this acropetal penetrant fungicide is triadimefon which provides a wide spectrum of control on many of the toughest turfgrass & ornamental diseases. Trigon UniTech also contains Aquatrols’ proprietary formulation UniTech for maximum disease protection performance.

Protection Program

Trigon UniTech is an excellent addition to both cool-season and warm-season turfgrass disease programs, controlling key diseases such as dollar spot, fairy ring, summer patch and take-all patch. Trigon UniTech offers flexible preventative rates that will match any fairway protection program. Trigon UniTech is also an outstanding protection choice for a wide variety of ornamental diseases.

Current State Registrations:

Full List Available Soon

Directions for Use

Where to Use:

For use on residential and commercial turfgrass including golf courses, residential lawns, commercial lawns and grounds, sod farms, and gardens or parks. Trigon UniTech may also be utilized on ornamentals including plants, shrubs, shade trees and interior plantscapes. See label booklet for more detailed information.

When To Use:

Trigon UniTech may be utilized as a preventative or curative application. See application rates for detailed information.

Application Rates at a Glance

(See booklet label for use instructions on Golf Course Tees, Greens, Fairways and Roughs)


.25 fl. Oz – .50 fl. Oz. per 1000 ft2


1.0 fl. Oz. per 1000 ft2

Aquatrols® UniTechTM is a proprietary formulation component that improves the distribution and uniformity of applications.

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