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Healthier Soils = Higher Productivity

Proper soil structure is essential to healthy crop growth. Soil structure can be compromised by the presence of salts, especially when irrigation water quality is poor or in short supply.

SperSal 35 promotes increased water movement into and throughout the soil profile and promotes good soil aggregation, correcting the negative impact of mineral salts that may interfere with seed germination and root growth.

Traditionally, a source of calcium is added to the soil surface where it solubilizes slowly. SperSal 35 speeds up the solubilization process and interrupts the crystallization of calcium carbonate, which keeps more calcium in solution.

Any calcium carbonate that does not crystallize is amorphous (see below) and is much more readily re-solubilized. By enhancing solubility, SperSal 35 ensures more calcium is active in the soil solution to bind small play particles together and re-aggregate the soil. The result is improved soil structure and a healthier foundation for healthy crop growth.

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What does SperSal Do To The Soil?

Interrupts Crystal Formation

Calcium carbonate crystals

Calcium carbonate typically forms hard, smooth crystals in the soil.

Calcium Carbonite crystals interrupted

SperSal 35 interrupts the formation of calcium carbonate crystals. Any crystals that do form are amorphous and are more readily re-solubilized.

Improves Soil Structure

SperSal Soil Illustrations

Calcium is a basic building block of soil structure. If your soils lack the proper calcium content, or have excess levels of sodium, soil aggregation can weaken. Soil particles become dispersed and soil porosity is reduced.

Spersal Soil Illustration

SperSal 35 increases the solubility of calcium so that it becomes incorporated into the soil more easily, increasing aggregate size and improving overall soil structure. This increase in soil porosity leads to improved water infiltration rates for a healthier, more functional soil profile.

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