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InfilTRx® is an economical soil penetrant developed specifically to move water off of the surface and into the rootzone quickly.  InfilTRx is ideal for larger turf areas to improve water infiltration, reduce puddling, and improve turf quality.

Benefits of InfilTRx:

  • Affordable water management treatment for large turf areas

  • Moves water quickly and efficiently into the soil

  • Reduces water loss due to surface evaporation and run-off

Get the performance you need at a price you can easily afford!

Drum of InfilTrx

An Economical Solution for Large Turf Areas

InfilTRx Outperforms the Competition

Make better use of your applied irrigation water! InfilTRx reduces the amount of time it takes water to infiltrate the soil surface when compared to competitive products. InfilTRx gets water into the rootzone quickly and efficiently before it is lost to run-off or evaporation.

Application and Use

Injection: Inject 24-32 fl oz per acre (1.8-2.3 L per hectacre).  Apply monthly or as needed throughout the growing season.

Conventional Sprayers: Apply 3/4 -1 fl oz/1000 sq. ft. in at least 1 gallon of water (24-32 ml per 100 m2 in 4 L of water). Apply monthly or as needed throughout the growing season.

Inflation Rates in Second for InfilTrx vs Two products

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